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Pregnancy Massage - So much more than a bit of luxury

When we think about pregnancy, most people think about the excitement and joy of nurturing a new life, a blossoming, glowing body full of life. Of course this is most people’s experience of pregnancy, but fortunately what we don’t remember is the restricted diet; the hormonal changes wreaking havoc with your skin and emotions; the nausea and the heartburn; the shortness of breath and the PAIN. I’m not just talking about the pain of labour, but the pain you can experience throughout the nine months of pregnancy, where you are no longer able to rely so readily on the quick fix of popping a pill.

During pregnancy, the changes in your body make you far more susceptible to experiencing pain even when you previously had no problems. The hormone, relaxin, is produced throughout the entirety of your pregnancy. Its job is to relax various bodily tissues, however it doesn’t discriminate and makes you much more vulnerable to injury and pain. The weight of your beautiful bump will start to increase the curve in your lumbar spine, fatiguing your postural muscles and causing lower back and hip pain. Your leg and hip muscles will be working a lot harder which can also lead to pain from both muscle fatigue and nerve irritation; especially in the case of the piriformis muscle which runs very close to the sciatic nerve causing radiating pain across your buttock, hip and down the back of your leg, commonly known as sciatica. Changes in your posture and your growing breasts can also cause tension and strain in your upper back and neck resulting in headaches, migraines and pain and tingling down the arm. Cramping in your calf muscles is also a common complaint in the later stages of pregnancy.

But it’s not all bad news; there are things you can do to treat, but ideally help prevent these symptoms from happening.

Regular massage during pregnancy is a great option as it not only works safely and effectively to release the tension within the body’s muscles, but it can also help to reduce the levels of stress hormone running through your body and through your placenta to your baby; lower blood pressure; improve your body image; help reduce water retention; and help to improve your sleep by reducing discomfort and inducing deep relaxation.

Aromatherapy can also be a helpful tool in pregnancy. If used appropriately and safely, essential oils can be blended to provide mild pain relief, help reduce water retention, help with feelings of nausea, reduce stress and anxiety and help with pregnancy related skin conditions such as itching, acne and stretch marks.

Here at Emma Kenny Massage Therapies we have many therapists who would love to help you find some comfort and relaxation during your pregnancy. We offer both Pregnancy Massage and Pregnancy Aromatherapy Massage. Why not visit our cosy, Cambridge treatment rooms. Book now to discover the benefits for yourself!

Written by Nicola Leighton, Senior Associate Therapist at EKMT


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