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Facials to lift your complexion and your mood


Our facial offerings are created around the rule of  'more than skin deep'. In order to reveal the radiance in your complexion, firstly we need to support what lies beneath it. Your face has over 40 muscles and an incredible system of fascia, nerves and lymphatic vessels and we LOVE improving how they all function for you using a variety of specialist massage techniques and gentle, caring products.

Bespoke Holistic Facial - 60 min 
Bespoke Facial Fusion - 90 min
Facial Rejuvenation Massage - 60/90 min
Bespoke Holistic Facial & Back Massage - 90 min
Bespoke Holistic Facial with Hand & Foot Massage 90 min
Facial Cupping - 45 min
Tsuboki - Japanese Facial Massage - 60 min

Facial Reflexology available here
Pregnancy Facial available here


Closeup face of mature woman having facial massage at spa. Senior woman lying at spa while

Bespoke Holistic Facial 
60 mins

Beauty and wellness intertwine.
We seek to use products which reflect that value. Botanical, natural, organic is our signature.
What goes onto your skin matters.
Each facial is curated especially for you - no generic facial routines here.


Bespoke Facial Fusion 
90 mins

As with our Bespoke Holistic Facial, 
our Bespoke Facial Fusion sessions use a range of considerate facial products and tailored facial massage. The cherry on the cake is the additional Facial Rejuvenation Massage element to lift and sculpt your facial muscles. This is a very personalised session with ample time for our therapists to listen to your treatment goals.


Facial Rejuvenation Massage
60/90 mins

A non invasive facial massage to lift, sculpt and renew your complexion. Advanced massage techniques release tension held deep within your facial muscles which helps to smooth and nourish your skin. We may recommend a series of treatments for optimum results. 

Bespoke Facial & Back Massage   90 mins

Enjoy a muscle melting back massage to say 'goodbye tension' followed by a personalised Bespoke Holistic Facial or Facial Rejuvenation Massage - just let your therapist know which you'd prefer.

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