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Each session begins with us listening to your thoughts. This helps us to produce a tailored reflexology session for you. We wont talk during your treatment, unless you invite us too, as we recognise the benefits of letting you drift into relaxation. You will be reclined on our soft, comfortable couch and supported with deep filled pillows under your head and knees. We even have a heated couch for chilly days so that you can rest assured you will feel cocooned and nurtured. If you'd like a weighted eye pillow to block out the world, just ask.

We use specialist techniques on the feet to bring about balance in the body and mind to encourage healing. Known for its ability to soothe the nervous system, reflexology can be helpful for stress and it's related conditions and is suitable for all ages. We work holistically, taking into account all aspects of your health and well being, to assist your hour of self care - body, mind and soul.

Reflexology Therapy
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