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  • Emma Kenny

Business update. What happens now?

The question we're all asking ourselves is 'what happens now?' and some will feel more confident than others in offering themselves a reply.

As massage therapists, Tania, Nicola and myself have been on pause now since 21st March and will continue to pause until 4th July at the earliest as per government advice.

We want to extend our sincere gratitude for the support and patience our clients have shown us during this time. We have received many kind messages of care and concern, large numbers of gift vouchers have been bought, future bookings have been placed and current bookings postponed rather than cancelled as acts of support and faith. The business will survive because of this. I cant thank you all enough! We are all well and missing the therapy room greatly. We'd like you to reach out if you need us. I've included our contact details at the bottom of this email.

If you have an appointment booked in for a date prior to 4th July, now is the time to use the link in your appointment confirmation email to change the date. Alternatively, feel free to get in touch with me at and request call back. I'm very happy to arrange a new appointment with/for you.

Gift vouchers that needed to be used up between March 21st and July 4th 2020 have been extended to a September expiry. If you have a gift voucher please use it now to avoid loosing it after this date. Book here.

We are preempting the probable new advice for massage centres to allow 30 minutes between appointments for thorough cleaning of our treatment and waiting areas. Please understand that this may mean we will be seeing fewer clients per day. I have recently taken a Covid-19 specific course to enhance our existing infection control methods and we will keep you updated about our other precautionary measures but I want to reassure you that our treatment space will always remain a comfortable and cosy sanctuary for you.

Now, time for a treat! We know that you are missing your massage sessions and that you have probably been carrying far more tension than usual. Here is a 30 minute playlist just for you. To enjoy it please lay or sit comfortably and use headphones if you have them - it's even

better that way! It's a playlist to massage the mind and induce deep relaxation. It may also be really useful if you're experiencing trouble switching off at night.

Some other treats and services that are up and running online are;

Bryony Vickers Online Yoga for Woman/Pregnancy/Mother & Baby

Bee's Baby Massage Online Baby Massage

Amanda Savage Online Post natal Pilates and Physiotherapy

Jess Horn Online gentle Yoga and Relaxation

If you need us, get in touch.

We cant wait to welcome you back.

Warm wishes, Emma


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