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  • Emma Kenny

Thoughts on moving location

Two years ago I took a huge leap of faith when I left behind the therapy room at Neal's Yard Remedies in Cambridge. You see, I'd built my business there - from scratch, over eleven years. It had become a safe haven where customers, staff and clients knew me and where my business was comfortably ticking over, often with a long waiting list for treatments. Eleven years is a long time to work somewhere, its hard to imagine leaving. But I did. I'm so glad I did.

I opened my snug little therapy room on Newmarket road filled with nerves. Would any one book me without the prominence of the brand behind me? I really wasn't confident at all. In fact I was terrified. Perhaps even a little institutionalised? You know what though? They came.

Now, two years on, I find myself in a similar head space. Just a month away from opening a new therapy space and I am hoping the same hopes. Will they come?

Not just for me this time. When we open there will be three amazing associate therapists who I have chosen to support in their careers working alongside me. I trust in these wonderful woman to expand on the space I have created to support clients in their finding their comfort, peace and vitality.

In and amongst the chaos of coordinating the practicalities of relocating and expanding the business, and being a working mum, I am looking for these moments of contemplation - not easy, definitely essential - to remind myself that I have been here before, have come through it and have achieved more than I'd imagined.

Wish me luck!


New Location

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