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What is an Aromatherapy Blog, exactly?

Essential Oils of Rose, Cypress and Ginger at Emma Kenny Massage Therapies in Cambridge

What is an Aromatherapy Blog, exactly?

Despite my novice status in the blogging sphere, I was recently informed that I made it onto a list of the top 50 Aromatherapy blogs in the world...yes, I was surprised and skeptical. Time to delve in a little further and investigate. I was curious to know who else was out there blogging about Aromatherapy and what on earth were they blogging about? Personally, I find it a challenge to sit and type my thoughts out to whichever stranger may decide to read them. Insecurities of "Will I be mocked?", "Will I be inaccurate?" or "Will I be boring???" overwhelm me which often leads to me reacquainting myself with the 'delete' button. My grammar is uneducated, my imagination a little eccentric and thank heavens for spellcheck!! Regardless, sometimes I feel like I have something I'd like to share, as do others, but I was curious...what are they sharing?

Essential oils have many seasonal uses, so its no surprise to find more than a handful of blogs currently discussing hay fever remedies. Steaming, direct or indirect inhalation of oils such as Cypress, Lavender, Lemon the Chamomiles and Eucalyptus' are plentiful.

Hydrosols seem to trending in many blogs. A hydrosol is a product of steam or hydro distillation. They are also known as floral waters; rose water and witch hazel may be two you've come across. Hydosols contain many of the same chemical components as essential oils but are far, far milder making them a good choice for using on people with sensitivities, the young or the frail or for when you are needing something for long term use.

Recipes are a long standing favourite of Aromatherapists. I've found recipes for just about everything you can imagine. Insect repellents, kitchen surface cleaners, pmt soothers, sleep aids, spot treatments and aura cleansers. Mostly, these appear to be a firm favourite in blog's of essential oil suppliers, listing endless new essential oils that the unsuspecting customer will be needing to buy. Most worryingly though are the recipes which call for you to ingest essential oils. Highly controversial, entirely unnecessary and quite simply, unsafe advice. Just don't do it, no matter what the sales company tells you.

'Spotlight on oil 'A'' type blog's are an Aromatherapists dream. Getting up close and personal with one oil in particular allows us to wallow in and adore our most favourite thing. Expect some beautifully descriptive and visual language in an attempt to accurately convey a scent. Emotionally driven, expect metaphors and poetry...this is a passion after all. This type of blog is favoured by those who create and enjoy perfume in all its guises.

The 'What are essential oils good for' kind of a blog can tread on difficult territory as there are strict rules surrounding the subject of usage (despite the volume of recipes found online). I believe it is unethical to offer a blanket statement of "Use oil 'A' to cure your high blood pressure!" This is because a certified Aromatherapist will understand that each oil has certain dilution restrictions, contraindications and possible interactions. Prescribing for individuals is best done on a case by case basis under consultation to avoid complications and dangerous scenarios.

Quite frankly, its a miracle I even managed to get this blog written given the sheer number of fantastic blogs to read out there. Somehow, people manage to upload multiple blogs each week, whereas I have published three in six months! Slowly, slowly upwards only.

Thanks for reading!

Emma Kenny - Emma Kenny Massage Therapies - Cambridge - UK

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