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We work with some incredible people.

These Therapists work from our therapy rooms but remain independent so you'll need to contact them directly for therapy information and to book appointments. 

They may well have their own gift vouchers to offer so are unable to accept 'Emma Kenny' vouchers.

Carol Garrison, Cambridge UK, Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) Therapist

Carol Garrison

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

A healthy lymphatic system is fundamental to our immune system

Carol Garrison - Manual Lymphatic Drainage 

I am a practitioner of Manual Lymphatic Drainage and provide sessions and treatment for lymphoedema at clinics in Cambridge and South Woodford, London. As a freelance therapist for over 30 years my path has led me to work in a variety of medical situations - cardiac out patients, a stroke clinic and particularly cancer care with treatments for lymphoedema. For ten years I co-run a lymphoedema clinic at a breast cancer centre at The Royal Free Hospital. I offer manual lymphatic drainage (also referred to simply as MLD) for a wide variety of health problems along with the treatment and management of lymphoedema and lipoedema. 
For further information and appointments bookings please call Carol on 07939 484 017 , email or see her website

Ashley bw sitting smiling.jpg
Ashley bw sitting smiling.jpg

Ashley MacDonald

Yoga & Somatics

The practice of one-to-one somatic movement and bodywork 

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Ashley MacDonald - Somatic Movement Practitioner 
Ashley is a certified yoga teacher (E-RYT 200), a certified Trauma Centre Trauma Sensitive Yoga facilitator (TCTSY-F), and has nearly completed her training to be an Integrative Movement, Body Therapist/Educator (IBMT).

Through her training at the Boston Trauma Centre, Ashley is certified to work with clients who have experienced Complex Trauma, Developmental Trauma and PTSD.  Ashley works with a range of clients from those just curious about moving with awareness to those working with severe trauma (and everything in-between). 

Ashley believes in using movement to create pathways for connection: better connections to self, in relationship and with the world around us.  Yoga and somatic movement inform Ashley’s life on and off the mat. And trauma informed movement has supported her own journey to recovery.

For more information or to book please email or see Ashley's website

Lisa Sibley headshot.png

Vanessa Nevile

Medical & Community Herbalist

Therapeutic herbal medicine created for you 

from Vanessa's own dispensary

Vanessa Neville - Medical and Community Herbalist
I have been a practising herbalist since 2000, seeing patients in clinics, online, at events and festivals. This has led me to experience herbal medicine for chronic and acute conditions, family medicine and herbal first aid.

I work at a farm growing herbs and advising on culinary and medicinal gardens.

My approach to healthcare is patient centred and collaborative, believing that being well involves responsibility for our health and good health professionals supporting us.  Herbalists can offer so much to the future of medicine and our healthcare framework.

The therapeutic plan involves herbal medicines prepared from my dispensary

unique to every patient, as well as dietary and lifestyle changes.

I am always happy to discuss the process before you commit to a consultation.

Please email Vanessa for more information

Lisa Sibley pic.jpg
Lisa Sibley pic_edited.jpg

Lisa Sibley


Conscious, transformational guided breathwork

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Lisa Sibley - Breathworker

Lisa is an inspiring and uplifting breathworker, passionate about the power of the breath to transform. She is the only "conscious connected" breathwork practitioner currently working in Cambridge. This type of breathwork goes back to the mechanics of our breath and allows deeply transformative shifts in the mind and body. Lisa guides you to breathe a certain way for a period of time, adding other tools such as toning and affirmations to release tension in the body. This in turn enables the journey inward to 'listen' to your body and allows your body to reset and rejuvenate. It helps develop a deeper connection with yourself and others.

Lisa works with people from all walks of life and of all ages including children and teenagers. This type of breathwork is great for everyone, whether you have a particular issue you'd like help with or not. Many people find it hugely beneficial to deal with stress, anxiety, depression, fear, low self- esteem, grief, asthma, fatigue and many other issues. Sessions are available for individuals, couples, parent and child.

Lisa trained with Inspirational Breathing, a Breathwork Training School based in Brighton, UK.

For more information or to book please email Lisa directly or see her website  

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