What is an Aromatherapy Blog, exactly?

What is an Aromatherapy Blog, exactly? Despite my novice status in the blogging sphere, I was recently informed that I made it onto a list of the top 50 Aromatherapy blogs in the world...yes, I was surprised and skeptical. Time to delve in a little further and investigate. I was curious to know who else was out there blogging about Aromatherapy and what on earth were they blogging about? Personally, I find it a challenge to sit and type my thoughts out to whichever stranger may decide to read them. Insecurities of "Will I be mocked?", "Will I be inaccurate?" or "Will I be boring???" overwhelm me which often leads to me reacquainting myself with the 'delete' button. My grammar is uneducated,

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